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Read Our Customer Testimonials

Dear Mr. Milacic,

I had purchased a brand new 2012 Sienna Van from West Coast Toyota last March. This was our first new vehicle in a long time so we decided to get the top of the line. The van was treated with care and we even named it “VANessa.”

Because we cared for this van with great detail, I always made sure to park at my work in a place that I could back in and had plenty of room on the sides. You can image my despair when I went to my van after work that day to find the back hatch window had been completely smashed.

Not having this ever happen to me before, I didn’t know what to do. I immediately called the service department at West Coast Toyota and explained my situation at 4:45pm to see if there was any way to get my van in that night for service.

They told me that window repairs are not done on site, but that the detail center had a mobile person that looked after this type of damage. I was given the phone number for Jason Belanger to call about my van.

I called Jason and left a message for him. He called back shortly and explained that 9 times out of 10 there is usually damage to the paint when there is a window breakage. He was on his way out to Coquitlam for a customer and he would stop by our home in Port Coquitlam on his way back to Pitt Meadows. He suggested that I wait to report to ICBC until then to make sure that all damages would be included on the claim.

Jason showed up around 6:30pm and took a look at our van. Sure enough, there were paint chips and scratches to the light cover. He suggested that I take the van to MARK’s Auto Body for the repairs. They were close to my home and had an excellent reputation for their service and work. Jason then went so far as to call you directly to let you know that I would be coming by in the morning.

When I went by the shop the next morning, your staff were expecting me and were able to take the van in right away for the repairs. I was told that the repairs would probably be ready late the next week, and was given a clean van as a courtesy car.

Much to my surprise when I came home from work on Monday Sept 11, there was a phone message from your shop letting me know that my van was ready. I called right away and was able to make it to the shop before closing to pick it up.

Only being 6 months old, I was hoping that the repairs wouldn’t be noticable – “VANessa” looks as good as new. Not only was the van ready before expected, it was detailed and clean.

I wanted to take the time to pass along my sincere thanks to your team for the excellent work that was done, and the wonderful customer service.


Bonnie Karhukangas

Hi Mark, Dino, and the Rest of the Crew!

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work that was completed on my car. You have exceeded my expectations (teacher jargon) with this repair.

From start to finish, you were friendly, personable, and made this a very positive experience. To top it off, as I was searching your easy-to-navigate website, I found out that your company practices sustainable repairs, and received one of three awards across North America! I’m very impressed, and I will be passing on recommendations to everyone I know.

All the best to you and your incredible business,

Jessica Leworthy

Dear Mark,

A few words expressing sincere appreciation for the encouragement and high quality repair work you performed on our badly damaged ’98 Honda Accord.

It was a relief knowing you would take care of our needs which you did in a very professional manner.

Another happy customer!

David & Celine Jones

Dear Mark & Staff,

Thank you for your excellent service. My Jetta looks better now than it did before the accident!

Also, thank you for your extra patience regarding the courtesy car. I’m glad everything worked out. I will gladly and proudly recommend Mark’s Autobody to anyone in need of great service!

Hvala puno za sve!

Jugana Bikic

To Mark & Vicky,

Thank you so much for your wonderful treatment of both me & my car!! It looks wonderful (it is so much happier to be fixed!!) and I did not have a moment’s worry (or any lost sleep) while it was with you. The chauffeur service (& use of Mark’s favorite coffee mug) were much appreciated. Thanks again.

Helen Cuduson

Rhonda the Honda Thanks You,

Rhonda was a middle-aged Honda who had been through tough times. Although her heart was beating strong and her blood pressure was normal, her body had been abused and suffered scrapes and dents from being battered about. The last straw was a wrestling match she had with a Gray Line Bus.

Her owner phoned Dr. Mark Milacic at Mark’s Auto Body for an appointment. Dr. Mark, took Rhonda into the examination room and after assessing the rust, scrapes, dents, and missing side moulding, said, “you came to the right place, we can help – Rhonda needs a Mid-Life Makeover!!”. Dr. Mark scheduled Rhonda into his hospital and called in his specialists. They started to operate… there was rust and dust, there was hammering and drilling, there was scraping and sanding and taping and sealing. After days of intense surgery, liposuction and skin tightening, she was ready to go into the Paint Shop. In a few days, Dr. Mark called Rhonda’s owner to say that she had survived the operation and would be ready for pick up.

Rhonda was gleaming! She had regained that youthful sparkle that had been lost. Her paint was a New York “Big Apple” red; she had a complete facial – her eyelashes (windshield wipers) were deep black; even her earrings (Honda emblems) that had been stolen one evening in a seedy part of town were replaced. Mark’s staff even gave he a bubble bath and a pedicure.

Rhonda now drives around town showing all those new kids on the block that she still has lots of pep left in her and can race them to the next traffic light (but doesn’t). Rhonda’s owner has promised to take better care of her.

Thanks, Mark, to you and all of your staff for doing such a fine job on my car!

Cynthia Crawford

Dear Dino and Mark,

My thanks goes out to you and your staff at Mark’s Autobody. From the moment I brought my car in to be repaired and painted, I knew I was in good hands. Your customer service is impeccable and your technical crew works with pride. My car looks absolutely fabulous and I will recommend you highly!

Thanks again,

Nancy Nordstrand

Dear Mark & Co,

A world of thanks to you!

Thanks for a beautiful job completed on my car. The body work and painting were done perfectly. Thank you also for your kind customer service on the second visit to fix up a few things. I really appreciate having a courtesy car for a day.


Linda Ziraldo

Dear Mr. Milacic,

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the kindness and courtesy shown to me by you and your staff, during such trying times when I had to deal with this accident to my vehicle. You put me right at ease. You did a great job on the repairs. What you did meant a lot and will be long remembered.

Thanks so much.


Thanks a Bunch,

Thanks a bunch for the special trip to my office to return my car. You did a fine job fixing my car.

Fay Riley

Sincere Thanks,

With sincere thanks for your kindness. It was appreciated more than words can say. You have done a wonderful job on my truck.

Brenda Boivin

To Mark & Staff

What you and your highly qualified staff did was beyond excellence! Thank you for an absolutely awesome job in every way!

What you did just blew me away!


Bonnie-Lee Harris

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